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Hello and welcome back to the messy little closet!

In a few hours a new round of WRLP starts with amazing new clothes, tattoos, accessoires and much more. You should definetely take a walk around the sim.

And happily Jackie released her new outfit "Crisscross", which you can find in her store!

Here is your private dragon to WRLP and a teleport to Graves! Happy Shopping! <3


Hair 1: pr!tty - Marianna (Gacha item)
Hair 2: DOUX - Demon Hairstyle - b&w
Head: CATWA - Catya
Horns, Ears & Tail: M.O.R. - eastern dragon bento set - basic (current Kurenai round)
Eyebrow: WarPaint - Ennui brows
Eyeshadow: DAZED - Sonder Eye Makeup
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes
Lashes: okkbye - Hirueth Eyelashes
Nose Strap: KROVA - Bridge Brace (current we <3 rp round)
Nose Ring: Aii - Kit Septum (gift @ current Kurenai round)
Skin + Lipstick: amara beauty - Esmee - 05 (current we <3 rp round)

Body: Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Outfit: Graves - G581 Crisscross (new release)
Gloves: Contra…

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